Judy Cools began her professional writing career in Manistee, Michigan.  In 1992, she began writing “Piece of Mind,” a weekly column for the Manistee Observer.  That column ran for about four years, while Judy also wrote occasional news and feature pieces for the Observer and articles for various trade journals.  Family members suffered a vehicle trauma which took Judy away from her writing about the same time the family moved south to Mason County.

Fall 2017-2She found the keyboard again a few years later when life returned closer to normal.  She was a regular contributor to Herald of the South, an inspirational magazine based in New Zealand.  Her usual short vignettes of daily life were replaced by regular feature length pieces on important social and educational topics of the day.  Herald was a quarterly publication in which Judy connected with an international audience over a period of about four years.

Work projects and websites kept her busy for several years, using her writing talents for both the family business and for her employer.  In early 2012, Judy joined the Mason County Press staff as a blogger, near the time of the on-line paper’s debut.  She wrote her MCP blog “Moonlighting” for over three years.

With a caterpillar-to-butterfly transformation which began in 2015, Judy has been working privately on several books and feature articles.  She first submitted work to Chicken Soup for the Soul in January of 2017, and was chosen as a contributor for their book, Miracles and More, to be released in February 2018.

During her writing career, Judy has enjoyed working with five newspapers, two professional journals, three magazines, several websites, and the Chicken Soup anthology.

She’s currently preparing a re-release of her newspaper columns, as well as working on several how-to books, biographies, and memoirs.  Her personal blog, “Moon Dance” can be found at judycoolsmoondance.blog

Judy lives in the woods outside Ludington with her husband Gary and just one in a series of amazing rescue dogs.  She enjoys cooking and multicultural celebrations, growing green things — especially if they offer beautiful flowers — and many other quiet pastimes.  With an impressive collection of weird life experiences, she finds there are more things to write than there is time to craft the narratives.  Welcome to the journey.

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