Social Distancing: Day 3

March 26, 2020 (posted April 14, because all the days are the same anyway)

OK, so I’ve been slacking on daily summaries.  Not real sure if y’all care anyway….   but just something to distract you from your own daily summaries.

Day 3, March 26.  Pretty uneventful.  It was the first time we got away from the house.  While Day 3 might not sound like a huge milestone to be breaking training…  Gary had been staying at home for an additional week or more.  It was simple, really.  We had to send remedies out to some of Gary’s patients.  We put them together at home, boxed invoiced, and labeled.  With the on-line Click-n-Ship app, we were able to finish preparing the shipments, but they wouldn’t fit in a mailbox.

The USPS provides a means to request a pickup of packages, but we’d missed the deadline for that day.  Gary drove what felt like was our getaway car.  We went to the post office, where I popped out with the packages and ran them inside.  As fate would have it, there were others right there when I went inside the building and again when I left.  I didn’t touch any doors.  I set the packages down, told the clerk that they were Click-n-Ship, all ready to go and I headed for the exit.  “Do you want a receipt?”  Nope!  I was inside for about 11 seconds.

I used sanitizer on my hands anyway.  In the meanwhile, we got away from the house for a few minutes for a drive in the sunshine.


(c)  2020, J. Cools

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