Social Distancing: Day 2

March 25, 2020

We’ve had a quiet day of research and internet pastimes.  “Getting outside” today meant cleaning up after the dog now that the snow has melted.  Now THAT’S a visual acuity exercise, given the leftover fall leaves.

A package came on UPS, and it was a test for us to leave it on the porch for a while.  Ultimately, we wiped it down, unpacked the contents, and returned the box outside.  I hope that’s good enough to protect us.

I found a very good video outlining precautions to prevent contamination with the Coronavirus when bringing groceries home.  I have been careful….  I have not been that careful, so I need to step it up.  Glad to have the instruction.  (Click here or copy-and-paste: )

This afternoon, we uncovered the grill and made brats for dinner, which were really very good.  Not sure if that’s because we haven’t indulged in a while, or if it was just the tastiness of the first grilled food of the season.  I have to admit, I’m enjoying doing so many everyday tasks together with my husband.

After dinner….  naps!  And after naps, back to the unending grind of paperwork.  The tax info has to be mailed this year – they aren’t doing any in-person interviews.  I still have our son’s (easier) taxes to do myself, and working with Mom’s accountant to get hers done.  I’m glad they extended the deadline for those.

I received a bunch of photos in the mail, photos of my mom for her memorial service.  We aren’t at all sure when we can do that service, but I’m in the process of putting the slideshow together, nonetheless.  Getting the photos assembled and organized looks like it will be a challenge.  She never liked getting her photo taken.

Our son, recently recovering from back surgery, wanted help grocery shopping and I had to turn him down.  I gave him some ideas about shopping in the morning, after the stores have been cleaned, and asking the store people for help putting groceries in his car.  Yes, I suppose I will go help him get them into his house if I have to…..   but will be encouraging him to make many small trips throughout the day for his own exercise rather than break our isolation.

So…… “contamination from outside” is our discussion point for today.  Enjoy the video link I posted above, comment if you’re inclined, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow.


(c) 2020, J. Cools

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