I Love It

I love it when I climb back in bed and the covers are still warm…. or when I meet someone new and we share a passion about some topic or hobby…..  and when I find awesome treasure at a resale store….

I love it when my nails are done and when wonderful things come out of my kitchen.  I love it when I look into my husband’s eyes and we connect; he has great hazel eyes.  I love it when someone thinks of us and calls… or writes… or visits.  And when I can play in the dirt, either inside in pots or out in the yard.

I love it when the dog plops his face on the edge of the bed when we sleep, looking for cuddles.  I love it when he squeaks his toy when we get ready to leave – faster and faster as we put on coats or approach the door.  It’s like frantic Morse code saying, “Take me with you!”

He’s outdoors, hanging out on the deck now, and I love that, too.  Just chillin’.  He’s watching birds go to and from the feeder, and the deer stroll past on the other side of the fence.  His fence.  The one we got to give him somewhere to play, but also keep him at home.  He doesn’t seem to mind.

I love it when the plants make gifts for us of flowers or fruit.  We have six figs growing on our fig tree, and the first Christmas cactus is filled with buds.  It makes me think they are happy plants, and whether they are or not, that makes me happy, too.

I love it when the kitchen is clean and the laundry caught up, bills are paid, paperwork is organized, house is tidy, and I can enjoy doing something I choose to do.  That never happens, by the way.

I love the moments when wildlife comes to visit – the deer in the yard, the frogs on the windows.  The pileated woodpeckers are perhaps the best.  We live in a slice of heaven, to be sure…… and I love that too.


(c) 2019, J. Cools






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