Spinning on sticks…..

Who remembers the slight little women in the circus who entertain by spinning plates at the ends of sticks?  Each will have many, many spinning at once and will manage to keep them going, then quiet them in some orderly way when they are done.  Welcome to my world.

I currently work three jobs — four, if you count writing, though I would hardly call that a “job.”  I consider it more like…. breathing.  One of those jobs is a cozy niche helping a family business.  It’s part-time, a great schedule, and the work is a mix of easy-peasy and Mensa-level brain teasers.  Perfect.

Another is flexible hours, work-from-home, with variable demand, supporting our Regional office of administration for the Baha’i Faith.  I’ve been a Baha’i since the early 1970’s and enjoy the administrative work immensely.

Finally, our own family business, the Health eFX Wellness Center.  Primarily my husband’s endeavor to provide acupuncture, herbal and homeopathic products, and consultations along the west Michigan coastline.  I’m along on this journey as partner and sounding board, clerical wizard, and as Digital Infrared Thermographic Technician.  That last is a mouthful, isn’t it?  It means I take pictures.  They are specific, scientific pictures…. but pictures nonetheless.

Thermography is useful primarily as a screening tool for early signs of breast cancer.  When I need a day off from one of the other jobs to take pictures, I say I’m going off to save the world from breast cancer.  I pray for the truth in that statement, with every patient I screen.

Some of the other plates on sticks are the usual household laundry, cooking, shopping, read-yourself-to-sleep, cleaning, bill-paying, bank-going, entertainment-researching, car-maintaining, family-outreach, entertaining, doctor-visit, ho-humming kinds of things we all do every day.

Never a dull moment here.  Sometimes I would pay dearly for a dull moment.

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